2017 Peninsula Trails Coalition President’s Message

President’s Message

            There are several introductory themes that come to mind on such a red-letter occasion as the launching of our fantastic new website:  finally hearing from us again (due to no newsletter for quite awhile); another great step (among many) in the progress of the ODT and PTC; the importance of being in touch with our members, friends, visitors, and others; etc., etc.  But I believe that this is bigger and different than all of that, or maybe this is all of that AND MORE.  To me, and I hope to all of you, this is THE BEGINNING OF THE COMPLETION PHASE OF THE OLYMPIC DISCOVERY TRAIL!  This is a really big deal.

            This new website is launching as we conclude the Peninsula Trails Coalition’s third decade.  Next September marks our 30th Anniversary, and in those three decades we’ve spearheaded everything that has taken us from the concept of the ODT to an already nationally recognized trail that is about 70% complete.  And even more exciting, we can look at virtually every missing section of the Pathway to the Pacific and see that definite progress is under way.  Truly, with your support, we can have every reason to expect that the Olympic Discovery Trail is completed within PTC’s next decade.  And I know that this new website will be our most important tool to get the job done.

            Please be sure to take a long, relaxed stroll (or ride!) through this awesome new website.  And come back to visit often.  It’s been designed and built with input from many of you, and with all of you in mind.  Led by board members Ron Wheeler and Brian Anderson, your PTC board is very proud of this finished product.  It will continue as a dynamic expression of the ODT and of who we are and what we’re doing.  It will be a primary forum for us to invite you to help and inform you about everything that is going on.  It will be THE place to come to learn how you can truly help make the next ten years the decade of completion for the Olympic Discovery Trail.

See you out there!
Jeff Bohman

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